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Continuing Forward with New Missions and Ministries

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

With Covidtide ending, Bp. Hewett has called for the Continuing Anglican churches to renew our mission to reach the world with the historic faith that the Church has to offer to an increasingly secular nation.

Continuing Forward is thus resuming its efforts to support both church renewal and church planting in the ACA, ACC, APA and DHC. For church planting, these efforts include

  • Sharing success stories of new missions and churches being formed in the G-4

  • Offering resources for prospective church planting

  • To assist and support diocesan church planting committees

  • Provide individual coaching to current and prospective church planters

We would like to help in any way we can. If you are considering (or in the process of) planting a new church, please contact us at

Finally, we encourage all members of a G-4 church to join our email list so we can keep you informed as to the latest efforts to grow our four jurisdictions. To sign up, go to

Note: Stained glass from Trinity Anglican (Connersville, IL) of the ACC, which was formed in January 2021 and launched public worship on March 1.

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