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About Continuing Forward

     The Anglican Joint Synods (aka “G-4”) represent four Anglican bodies that in October 2017 established full communion (communio in sacris). Those bodies are the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Catholic Church, the Anglican Province of America and the Diocese of the Holy Cross. These four Continuing Anglican churches are descendants of the Congress of St. Louis, which in 1977 brought together nearly 2,000 Anglicans who pledged to preserve traditional Anglicanism in North America.

     In September 2021, the G-4 became the G-3, when the Diocese of the Holy Cross became a diocese within the province of the Anglican Catholic Church. Today, these three bodies are moving towards full unification, working together to spread Biblical Christianity linked to the beauty of the historic Anglican liturgy, and seeking intercommunion and possible union with other Anglican jurisdictions.

      Established in 2019, Continuing Forward is the mission and evangelism ministry of these G-3 jurisdictions. We are working to connect, encourage and enable church planting and renewal among traditional Anglicans in North America.

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