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Our mission after Covidtide

To say that the past year has been a challenge for us all is an understatement. Some have lost loved ones and acquaintances, and some have suffered through the virus themselves. Everyone, in the church and the secular world, in our businesses and schools, has lost "momentum" and "traction," as the precautions for the virus cause an inevitable "gumming up" of the works.

But now, as the virus slowly recedes, let us return with enthusiasm to our tasks, and, in the Church, to our worship of Almighty God, with others, before our Altars and Pulpits. Let us thank God for the lessons we have learned, so that when the next plague comes, we will have learned from this one to take adequate precautions, but not let ourselves "be played" by tyrannical politicians looking for vice-grip control over us. Let us rather vote out of office those who would use a plague as an occasion for "global re-set," one of whose goals is to crush out the Church. Faithful remnants the world over will stand up to this, and never stop worshipping God and witnessing to His Son, in person, until He comes again.

+Paul C. Hewett

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