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How can help me?

In the coming months, CF will post helpful articles, ideas and stories to encourage your ministry, provide insights, and help you overcome the challenges we all face. Stay tuned.  

I want to plant a church. Now what?

If you think that planting a church is in your future, contact us. We will help connect you to the bishop in your jurisdiction and the people entrusted to help you in the discernment process and planting process.

My church is struggling to grow. How do we overcome our challenges?

That is hard to answer. Every church has its own context, limitations and challenges. Speaking with an experienced voice can help you find answers. Reach out. We're here to help.

How is this different from all the other compromising church growth practices used?

Our is not a "business first" method. We understand and emphasize that no amount of planning and strategizing will create Kingdom success. Nor are we interested in changing liturgical norms to appeal to cultural sensitivities.  Our approach is closer to what Martin Thornton presents in his book, Christian Proficiency. Our first goal is the spiritual vitality of the parish, after that, it is putting all the other pieces in place for conditions that promote growth naturally.

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