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See You in Orlando!

The third triennial meeting of the G-4 (now G-3) Continuing Anglican churches will be held October 9-13 in Orlando, Florida. The 2023 Anglican Joint Synods follow up on the earlier 2020 and 2017 Joint Synods held in Atlanta. The conference sessions will all be held at t the DoubleTree at Universal Orlando.

Continuing Forward has been given a prominent role on the schedule, and is planning a series of events for those who can attend some or all of the AJS. These events are aligned to the purpose of our task force, which is to promote renewal and church planting in the G-3 through an expanded focus on the mission and ministries of our local churches.

Below are the activities that we recommend for all who attend. For updates to our schedule, please bookmark

Afternoon Seminars

On October 10-12, every afternoon before Evening Prayer, we will have three sessions from 4:10-4:55 pm about renewing parish health and focus on mission.

  • Tuesday: “A Call for Renewal within the G-3” by Bp. Paul Hewett and Abp. Chad Jones

  • Wednesday: “Recovering Kingdom Thinking” by Bp. Paul Hewett

  • Thursday: “Calling and Forming Healthy Clergy” by Abp. Chad Jones and Fr. Glenn Spencer

Bp. Hewett is one of the founders of Continuing Forward while Abp. Jones is Presiding Bishop of the APA. Fr. Glenn Spencer, of All Saints Charlottesville (APA), is well known throughout the continuum for his work developing and mentoring new priests.

Church Planters’ Social

After one day's sessions, we are planning a social (heading out to dinner at a nearby restaurant) for all clergy and laity interested in church planting. CF is planning to host a church planting workshop in 2024, so we'd like to use this meeting to gauge interests, questions and concerns for those who might be interested in such an event. Please contact us if you want more details on the event.

Diocese of the Holy Trinity - Remnant Mission

Also prominent at the ASJ will be the efforts of Bp. Stephen Scarlett and the ACC Diocese of the Holy Trinity, which has developed a unique 21st century vision of spiritual renewal they call “Remnant Mission.” The leadership of CF participated in last October’s Mission Retreat — cosponsored by Bp. Scarlett and Bp. Jones — and provides an exciting vision for future ministry in the G-3.

In their AJS schedule, the DHT has announced two events

  • Wednesday (5:15-6:00 pm): the DHT will be leading the Daily Office with their Litany for Church and Evangelism

  • Thursday (7:00-9:00 pm): Bp. Scarlett will be the keynote speaker for the AJS closing banquet

In addition, representatives of the DHT will be attending the AJS and eager to meet to talk about this vision and opportunities to learn more.

The CF task force encourages all its readers to take advantage of all these opportunities to renew their parishes and ministries, and create new opportunities to welcome others into our life of prayer, eucharist and fellowship.

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