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Continuing Forward
at 2023 Joint Synods

Join us in Orlando: October 10-12, 2023

Updated November 2, 2023

For a final report on events at the October 2023 joint synods, see our November 2 summary.

The 2023 Anglican Joint Synods will be held October 9-13 at the DoubleTree at Universal Orlando, the trienniel meeting of the G-3 Continuing Anglican provinces: the Anglican Church in America, Anglican Catholic Church and the Anglican Province in America.

We invite you to attend our three 45-minute sessions on Church Renewal in the conference hotel:

  • Tuesday (Oct 10) 4:10pm: “A Call for Renewal within the G-3” by Bp. Chad Jones. Bp. Paul Hewett and others

  • Wednesday (Oct 11) 4:10pm: “Recovering Kingdom Thinking” by Bp. Hewett

  • Thursday (Oct 12) 4:10pm: “Calling and Forming Healthy Clergy” by Bp. Jones and Fr. Glenn Spencer

All sessions will be held in the Seminole C room of the DoubleTree.

We also encourage you to to learn more about the Remnant Community vision of church renewal that has been developed by the ACC’s Diocese of the Holy Trinity. The DHT has announced its own events that it will be hosting at the Joint Synods.

We are also planning on hosting one or more events on Church Planting at the joint synods. Please contact us if you'd like to be added to the list of interested parties.

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