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Jan. 25 Webinar: Turning Around a Small Church

One of the challenges facing the Continuing movement is reviving struggling churches. While this is understandably a concern for those in these churches, because this is a widespread issue, it must also be the concern of everyone in the movement.

Fr. Matthew Mirabile

As with companies, many hope for a “silver bullet,” the one-size-fits all solution that works in all cases. But since Continuing Forward began more than four years ago, it’s been clear that actual turnarounds are much more complex than that. Thus, on January 25, we will be hosting the first of what we hope will be a series of webinars on successful church turnarounds. The Zoom webinar begins at noon EST.

Our interview subject will be Fr. Matthew Mirable, who has been the rector of Trinity Anglican Church (Rochester, NH). He is also the canon missioner for ACA’s Diocese of the Northeast, and co-founder of Continuing Forward.

Fr. Mark Perkins

He will be interviewed by Fr. Mark Perkins, the chaplain of St. Dunstan’s Academy. He is also the executive editor of Earth & Altar, and the APA’s representative on the Continuing Forward executive committee.

Come join us to hear their conversation about the Trinity Anglican turnaround. As with all webinars, we’ll leave plenty of time for audience questions.

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