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Continuing Forward into 2024

The year 2023 marked the most successful year since Continuing Forward was founded in 2019. It also provided a solid base to build on for 2024.

At the end of 2022, the Continuing Forward executive committee had joined a group of other Anglicans at the October 2022 mission retreat cosponsored by ACC and APA dioceses. The retreat demonstrated an enthusiasm for renewal through deeper spiritual formation, as well as cementing the bonds among renewal-oriented clergy and laity across the G-3.

Our 2023 Successes

For 2023, we focused our efforts on the triennial Anglican Joint Synods, the third such gathering after the 2017 sacramental union between the G-4 (later the G-3). The joint synods organizers kindly offered us three spots during the week’s program to discuss issues of church renewal and church planting.

The three Continuing Forward sessions were tremendously successful

  • The opening session, which began with Abp. Chad Jones calling the entire G-3 to renewal, followed by short talks on renewal and church planting in the G-3.

  • The second, with its call by Bp. Paul Hewett for a renewal of “kingdom thinking”

  • A final session by APA clergy on forming healthy clergy

We attracted 100-150 participants to each session. Overall, we believe these sessions accomplished our goal of encouraging a renewed focus on evangelism and mission in the G-3. Videos of all three are available on our new video channel.

We concluded 2023 with a Nov. 16 online webinar on church planting (more in a minute).

Plans for 2024

With the success of the initial webinar, we plan on having webinars ever other month. In January, May and September they are scheduled to be about church renewal, and in March, July and November on church planting. Each will be held on the third or fourth Thursday from 12-1 p.m. ET.

Our next webinar, a case study on church renewal and turnaround, will be held Jan. 25 at noon ET. Please save the date, and stay tuned for login information.

Finally, to broaden the representation and volunteer efforts across the G-3, we plan to organize committees to discuss what can be done to facilitate church planting and renewal among Continuing Anglican churches. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

A blessed ninth day of Christmastide to all our readers.

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