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Survey: Key Concerns of Continuing Readers

Earlier this month, we did a survey of Continuing Forward readers and their concerns. We received 62 responses, and the results were presented at our October 10 session. Here are the highlights. Here are the four major categories of questions

Hopes for the G-3 Provinces

For the question “What are your hopes for the G-3 provinces?” we listed 6 alternatives. The top ranked categories were (in order)

  1. Consolidating G-3 to become a G-1

  2. Cooperation/communion with other Continuing provinces

  3. Cooperation/communion with other Traditional Anglicans

  4. Stronger diocesan identity/cooperation

What do you think of your current parish?

For the question “What do you think of your current parish?” we provided 9 alternatives, with a 4-point scale (0-3). Sunday Mass was the one categgory where the majority of respondents said “great”, while both preschool and children’s ministry where a plurality said “none/not applicable.” The other six questions elicited a wide range of responses.

Church Renewal

The third category of questions measured interest in training resources for “Church Renewal.” The strongest interest in resources were for (in order):

  1. Personal spiritual growth

  2. Prayer life

  3. Forming and calling healthy clergy

  4. Evangelization of prospective members

Church Planting

The final category of questions measured interest in training resources for “Church Planting.” The two strongest desires were for training on

  1. Identifying and attracting a suitable priest

  2. Financial support

We thank you for your responses. They will be used by Continuing Forward in the coming year to guide our priorities, and also shared (in the aggregate) with others in the G-3 concerned with church renewal and planting.

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