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Growing Anglican ministry with Kingdom Thinking

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

At our Wednesday (Sept. 11) workshop, we will be blessed to hear from Bp. Paul Hewett, who will be talking how “Kingdom Thinking“ can revitalize the health of a parish and the community that it serves.

For most attendees, Bp. Hewett will need no introduction — but for the rest, here are a few highlights. Fr. Hewett planted and led his first Anglican church in 1978, and as a priest (and later a bishop) has founded or helped found more than a dozen churches. Since 2004, he has been the bishop ordinary of the Diocese of the Holy Cross, one of four founding jurisdictions that formed the Anglican Joint Synods (“G-4”) in 2017. He later merged the DHC into the ACC, the first step towards the G-4 becoming a G-1.

Bp. Hewett has chronicled the history of the past 45 years of the Continuing Anglican movement — and his own role in it — in his book The Dayspring From On High. It is available from Barndes & Noble and Amazon in both paperback and e-book format.

Why Kingdom Thinking

What does Bp. Hewett mean by “Kingdom Thinking”? Simply put, it is focusing on doing God’s will for the Church, lived out in His sending the Holy Spirit to guide the Church and its members for nearly 2,000 years.

In his decades of ministry, Bp. Hewett has founded that the successful parishes are the ones that are focused on the Kingdom, and the ones that struggle have lost sight of that focus.

A successful orientation means that the Church (and a local church) is focused on being an instantiation of the Kingdom of God and its role as part of the Family of God. This leads to a relentless focus on reaching the communities around us with the mission and ministry of the church.

Please join us for Bp. Hewett’s practical tips on how he’s made such efforts successful over his long ministry career, and to ask questions and advice from him on how to put these ideas into practice. (Please also join us for the other events we have planned for AJS meeting).

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