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Attractional, Missional, or Inspirational?

Many churches have adopted an Attractional model. Some have called this the "seeker friendly" model. You know the drill, find a group and shape your church to fit that market. Others have taken up a "missional" approach. They form or grow a church around a particular mission or ministry. We advocate something else, something much more organic and true to gospel. Old fashioned even. It is the Inspirational model. It goes like this; Nurturing a thriving authentic spirituality that is inspirational. Of course, there is more to it than that, but you get the idea.

So many traditional churches criticise attractional churches for being attractional while they function on the very same assumption; people will be "attracted" to the way we do the Mass and want to come to our brand of church. Instead, we should nurture a joy-filled, high commitment, spirituality. One that spontaneously reaches out into the world and attracts others because of its genuine and vibrant spiritual life.

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