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Factorio Play Inventory Slot Manager

To at least use the amount in the preset line 10 in lsmTrash.lua can be changed from "filters[] = 0" to "filters[] = slot.count" A nice addition would be a third option like "request & trash" to have an exact amount in the inventory Factorio is played from the angled top down perspective of the player . The physical representation (or the Engineer) of the player is the character, who is always at the center of view. In multiplayer, player characters will appear in different colors. Color can be set manually with the /color command, see Console. Character receives 6 more logistic slots.

Character logistic slots allows the player to order items from the Logistic network. This works exactly like the Requester chest . The requested items will be delivered by the Logistic robots, as long as the character is inside a logistic network.

Factorio Play Inventory Slot Manager - Rowan Casino

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